Artisan Bread Organic

Artisan Bread Organic (ABO) –  The answer is in the name – it is a 100% gluten-free, organic, nut free, dairy free and wheat free bakery. 


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In her Artisan Bread Organic bakery in Whitstable, Ingrid Eissfeldt has shown that it’s perfectly possible to produce gluten-free bread in a natural way. Her bakery breaks all moulds with a host of innovative products! This is not bread you ‘have to eat’ this is bread (and more) you ‘want to eat.’ Just take away the label ‘gluten-free’ and enjoy.

She thinks outside the box and together with her team invent new and exciting products and recipes all the time. The team is often asked to develop products for other innovative companies and get involved in academic research into future foods.

Organic and gluten-free are not the only words that describe ABO bakery. Ingrid Eissfeldt makes sure that her bread does not include Xanthan Gum, Methylcellulose or cheap fillers like potato or corn starch, as is so common in gluten free baking the world over. Only freshly milled artisan flour, water, sea salt, seaweed and a multi mineral from seaweed plus the rice leaven is used to make a perfect loaf of ABO bread.

The bakery offers a variety of bread to include Quinoa, Rice, Linseed, Paleo, Buckwheat, Pea, Soya, Sourdough Style and more. They don’t stop at bread and sell ingredients that they use and other delicacies that cannot be found on the High Street – the finest herbs grown high up in the Alps or the nuttiest freshly pressed flax oil from Sussex to exquisite organic fruit spreads from Hungary and highly nutritious tigernut products, seaweeds, and freshly milled flour.

Just have a look for yourself and enjoy