What does a high adrenaline environment have to do with Sustainability?

Health Equity Exchange has partnered with Mira Motorsport for Silverstone Finale.

Car racing may not be perceived as an environmentally friendly sport. The obvious question is – why would a company, which focuses on sustainability, want a partnership with such a sport?

I am sure we all agree that car racing is an activity that raises adrenaline. It generates powerful emotions for the drivers and often for the spectators too. We recognize (and even seek) such emotions in sport, but how about in a working environment? Say a trading floor?


Dr. John Coates – a former Wall Street trader, who worked for Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and ran a trading desk for Deutsche Bank [1] – argues that physiological changes caused by a highly stressful environment “push traders between the extremes of irrational exuberance and pessimism, and thus alter their risk preferences. [2] Such changes, he believes, “are having a destabilizing effect on the financial markets” [2].

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What are the symptoms?

A number of doctors talk about a condition called Adrenal Fatigue [3][4]. This is a condition, which is “commonly associated with intense or prolonged stress” [3] which changes the level and/or pattern of the production of cortisol [4][5][7]

What are the symptoms? Anxiety, depression, problems with concentration, weakened memory and many others depending on the severity of the condition [6].


Why does it matter?

Because you may have ‘burned out’ traders on your trading floor. They are unlikely to seek medical help with the symptoms as listed above… but the results of the trades may differ from those you had hoped for.


What does sustainability have to do with it?

Well, sustainability is about People alongside Planet and Profit. And the wellbeing of the people in your company is a sustainability issue, especially, if their wellbeing is directly affected by the activity that you are asking them to do every day.


A number of companies pride themselves on providing very good medical insurance for their employees, which includes an annual medical check. However, such medical checks seldom include an adrenal health assessment (even though these are simple blood or saliva tests).


If traders in your company are pushed “between the extremes of irrational exuberance and pessimism”[2] then it is a sustainability issue affecting your core business and it would be beneficial for you to address it.


Health Equity Exchange helps you to bring sustainability to front desks. In this case, it works with medical practitioners and researchers to deliver the latest knowledge related to the impact of stress on well-being and performance of your employees and methods to deal with it. For more information, please contact us