“The Patient will see you now. The Future of Medicine is in Your Hands”?  - The title of Eric Topol’s book says it all.

The power is shifting from the doctor to you.

To benefit from this shift and take health back into your hands,we are delighted to introduce partners and solutions that will help you to get there.

What does a high adrenaline environment have to do with Sustainability?

Health Equity Exchange has partnered with Mira Motorsport for Silverstone Finale. Car racing may not be perceived as an environmentally friendly sport. The obvious question is – why would a company, which focuses on sustainability, want a partnership with such a sport? I am sure we all agree that car racing is an activity that…

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Mycology Research Laboratories (MRL)

Certain species of edible mushrooms have been used and revered for more than 3000 years in China and Japan for their ability to maintain good health and excrete toxicity from the body. Today’s science refers to these properties as anti-oxidant, anti-viral or immuno- nutritional effects, among others. Founded in 1997, Mycology Research Laboratories (MRL) is…

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What is the point of talking about the Thyroid?

Is your energy lower than it used to be? Do you experience difficulty getting up in the morning? Can’t you lose weight despite trying? Are you often constipated? Do you feel the cold more than most? What about your hair? Is it strong? How about your sex drive?   Such symptoms may indicate a low…

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What is a Leaky Gut & What’s it got to do with how I feel?

A condition called Leaky Gut (intestinal permeability) is an “important piece of the puzzle” in your quest for feeling great. If your gut is not working well, you are unlikely to be in your best form. It is one of the prerequisites for developing autoimmune disease – a situation when your immune system instead of…

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What’s your balance got to do with your brain and with what you eat?

There is a simple test which many people fail. How about you? Are you up for a challenge? Many people start by thinking “ahh that’s easy, I can do it, I don’t even need to try” and end up saying, “I can’t believe it!” Step 1 So what is it that you have to do?…

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Disregarded hormone? How much vitamin D should I take?

Did you know that if classification had taken place today, vitamin D would have been classified as a hormone? This is because the molecular structure of vitamin D is closely allied to that of the classic steroid hormones (e.g., Estradiol, Cortisol, Aldosterone) [1][2]. Have you paid attention to the Government’s recent recommendations and started to…

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Cytoplan is a unique, science-based supplement company exclusively supplying the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. Founded 25 years ago by practitioners with many years experience in nutrition therapy, it became a leader in the field of food-based supplementation.   Quality, innovation, and efficacy of the products are at the heart of what Cytoplan…

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PCI Europe

Why Testing? Proper testing sets a baseline on the road to health improvement. Without testing a diagnosis may be correct, but it may also miss an essential insight. Symptoms that include: fatigue, headaches, brain fog, memory loss, insomnia skin rashes, dermatitis, allergies diarrhoea, constipation, irritable bowel, cramps, gas, bloating dry coughs, lymph blockages, joint pain…

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What is this fuss about GLUTEN and what’s MILK got to do with it.

Doesn’t it look tasty? Nice, fresh bread, which we eat at least once a day, every day. Could it be harming us? What camp are you in? You know what I want to say – Gluten.  You most likely have heard about gluten and are in one of a few “camps”.  You are either (1)…

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