The conversation about ESG is changing...


[For Investors] "the [ESG] debate has moved beyond the initial stages - of negative screening of undesirable stocks and then positive screening for progressive companies - to a third stage where it is viewed as fundamental to long-term investing"                                    [Ron O’Hanley CEO of State Street Global Advisors]


...and it is moving to the mainstream


ESG metrics have matured to the point where they can help mainstream investor beat their benchmarks

[Derek Bingham; Goldman Sachs]     


health equity exchange investor

What ESG factors do you take into account while structuring your investment portfolio and how do you combine them?

What tools do you use to measure materiality of ESG factors?

What role does sustainability play in your organisation in finding innovative solutions and building competitive advantages?

Is ‘once a year voting’ enough for you to assess the key value and risks of companies you are investing in?

health equity exchange investor

Why Health Equity Exchange?


You have internal teams, whose sole responsibility is to look at ESG. You are brainstorming with your peers and working with organisations that focus on sustainable investing so why work with Health Equity Exchange?

In his interview with David Letterman [1], Barack Obama gave an example of an experiment carried out during the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Participants of this experiment – a liberal, a conservative and a moderate - were asked to do a Google search by typing Egypt on their own computers. The top answer for a conservative came back as ‘Muslim brotherhood” for a liberal was ‘Tahrir square’ and for moderate ‘vacation spot on the Nile’.


The point of the experiment was that our own biases are reinforced by the feedback-loop that we are creating for ourselves. In the interview, it was explained why politics become more polarized as a result of such a ‘reinforcing mechanism'. We work with the Financial Sector and companies that provide services to the sector and see similar 'reinforcing mechanisms' that apply to sustainability. A focus on the lack of good data, comparability, and tools for analysis very often dominate conversations. If you, however, intend to wait until all of these are ironed out and standardised, you are very likely to miss out on a number of opportunities.

The well-known economist, writer and, business consultant John Kay said: “Radical innovation in products and processes often – in fact usually – comes from outside the existing market structure” [2].


If you only focus on information that comes from within your industry structures, you may create a ‘blind spot’ that diminishes possibilities of finding competitive advantages.


Give us a chance. We are working with experts across the value creation chain and will be delighted to talk to you. Please contact us


Health Equity Exchange assists by:


  • Identifying opportunities brought by ESG megatrends that could be captured by a proactive shift in business models
  • Mapping an impact of material ESG issues on your core business, investment portfolio, and customers.
  • Assisting with the implementation of TCFD and other Climate and ESG related guidance
  • Developing 'links' between the innovative value of sustainability and your core business and financial models
  • Analysing the relationship between ESG and new trends in customer behaviour patterns
  • Project managing implementation strategies
  • Building risk-benefits scenarios of potential innovative responses
  • Identifying and analysing material ESG issues in your supply chain

Our Founder


Dana Hanby is the Founder of Health Equity Exchange – a portal that brings experts and users together, fostering innovation through Sustainability and facilitating the development of solutions, which not only respond to but also create new trends. Dana has experience in New Market Entry, Business Expansion, and Development with the expertise in Financial Environmental markets.


Her responsibilities have included Global Sales Lead for Energy and Environmental products and services for the second largest derivatives exchange in the World; Development and management of Global ESG implementation program for an industrial PLC; She has also worked closely with the World Bank to put forward financial solutions with the aim of increasing liquidity and efficiency in the Climate Market in her role as Chair of “Ratings and ICaR (Reserve)” Group for the Climate Market and Investment Association.


Dana holds an MBA with the focus on Strategy and Finance and a Masters of Science (EE). She also holds PMI accredited qualifications in Project Management. As behavioural science permeate multitude of sectors – from Financial to Consumer facing Industries, she has also obtained a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has become a Silver Member of the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching.


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