“Medicine is not as complicated as we are led to believe. Conversely, nutrition is not as simple as we are often told”    Dr. Barry Sears

If you are reducing (or have eliminated) gluten, dairy or other allergens from your diet, we are here to assist you in finding a variety of tasty ‘Free From’ products.

If you are wondering what the fuss is about gluten and what milk has to do with it – we share with you the findings of modern medicine.

Nourish Coconut Macaroons

  It started from a passion for creating delicious food that will nourish you from the inside out. Ineke, founder of Nourish Coconut Macaroons, with her medical background and love of food has created a product range that not only tastes delicious but is a healthy treat and free from refined sugar. A range of…

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Crusty Gluten Free Sourdough

Crusty Gluten Free Sourdough – is this a dream? Not anymore. Try Rana’s Artisan Bakery’s loaves, rolls, baguettes, and even bagels, and you will be amazed. If you prefer to bake the bread yourself and impress your friends and family – Rana’s Artisan Bakery gluten free bread mixes allow you to do it effortlessly in…

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Mindful Chef – The Healthy Recipe Box Company

Would you enjoy a fantastic dinner ready within 30 minutes of returning from work? You’ve heard this before, I am sure – so did I, but this time there is a difference! Fantastic taste combined with all the good-for-you ingredients to create delicious recipes delivered to your door. Mindful Chef: The Healthy Recipe Box Company…

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Is it possible to snack and feel good about it?  Snact – a company started by two lifelong friends Ilana and Michael – shows us that we can. How is it possible? Simply by enjoying delicious, hand made “fruit jerky”, as they are called. They are vegan, gluten-free and just 100% fruit (without any concentrates, additives…

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Artisan Bread Organic

Artisan Bread Organic (ABO) –  The answer is in the name – it is a 100% gluten-free, organic, nut free, dairy free and wheat free bakery.    In her Artisan Bread Organic bakery in Whitstable, Ingrid Eissfeldt has shown that it’s perfectly possible to produce gluten-free bread in a natural way. Her bakery breaks all moulds…

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Good Health Naturally

  We all have our priorities and often our health slips down the priority list. Robert Redfern, just like a lot of us didn’t think much about his health until the premature death of his parents – Alfred and Marjorie, which brutally ‘asked’ him to re-evaluate. Together with his wife Anne, Robert looked at the…

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Are you still counting calories?

How often do you commit to change your weight or size of your waist? Before you jump on a treadmill or start living only on salads, maybe it’s worth taking a look at the assumptions that you may be making.   Nobody seems to question that 1kg of feathers weigh exactly the same as 1kg of…

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A Context to 30-Day Diet

We have spent some time talking about the 30-day diet and have discussed how certain groups of food may affect you.  Diets, by their nature, are quite dull, so why have we spent so much time talking about food?   What is the context? You may remember our article about the immune system and how…

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How To Do A 30-Day Diet? You know what fuel your car needs. Do you know what food your body needs?

  You would not expect a great performance from your diesel car if you poured petrol into it, would you? Why do you expect a great performance from your body, if you are “running it” on food that does not agree with it? I am not going to talk about “junk food” – so please…

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